PACIFIER CLIP - Silicone Pacifier clips with teething beads for baby girl & baby boy - best for Keeping babies Pacifiers clean and germ free



KEEPS PACIFIERS CLEAN AND GERM FREE: Silicon clips firmly attached to your baby Whenever they drop their pacifier from their mouth, PACIFIER CLIPS is there to keep it hooked to them and away from the floor.



NEVER WORRY TO LOSE PACIFIER: Simple and easy for your baby to do and you will not have to worry about losing countless pacifiers all day long



SOOTHES AND CALMS A FUSSY BABY: Pacifier with a pacifier clip makes it very easy to soothe you baby girl and baby boy and help to settle a baby back to sleep when it wakes during the night



BABY CAN SELF SOOTHE: Babies learn how to grab their pacifier themselves when in need



STYLISH LOOK: colorful silicone beads provide a classic style for everyday use for baby girl and baby boy





Parents Helping Parents


Started by parents who intimately understand the struggles of calming a newborn who often crying for the breast or bottle. Babies often just feel an urge to suck on something. Pacifier with our pacifier clip is perfect for these times. 


1- CLEAN AND GERM FREE: Pacifiers should always be kept clean and should never be dipped in something sweet to encourage the child to suck on it. Babies will naturally turn to their pacifiers when they need them. Having the pacifier clip attached helps to keep comfort in easy reach, and prevents them from falling onto dirty floors as well.


2- NEVER LOSE PACIFIER: Our pacifier clip ties strongly to the pacifier, and attached to clothing or car seat straps, it is impossible to lose the pacifier.


3- SOOTH YOUR BABY: Our Pacifier clip makes it very easy to soothe a fussy baby and also help to settle your baby back to sleep when it wakes during the night.


4- PREVENT A TOOTH DECAY: baby a pacifier, attached to our pacifier clip, instead of a bottle of juice or milk can help to prevent and reduce early childhood tooth decay. Rather than the sugars from the liquids sitting in the mouth and around the teeth, the sucking motions of the baby helps saliva to rinse the teeth and mouth naturally.

PACIFIER CLIP - Silicone Pacifier clips